Announcing The Fourth Annual

TransTech Energy Business
Development Conference

November 5-6, 2015

Waterfront Place Hotel, Morgantown, WV

Click Here to Read the TransTech Brief 1.3 –  Planning the 4th Annual TTE Conference/Staying in Touch

The TransTech Energy Business Development Conference is being
to promote investment in new companies that can provide
solutions to energy,
environmental, and economic development
challenges such as creating new jobs and more competitive industries

Who should attend:

  • Innovators and entrepreneurs: Pitch your company or project to investors, potential strategic partners, and project developers
  • Investors: Find emerging transitional energy and environmental technology companies with near term payback potential
  • Energy companies and manufacturers: Develop strategic partnerships with start-up companies and project developers
  • All: Join the discussion! Let’s build on the momentum of TransTech and generate some excitement about the possibilities for new companies, advanced manufacturing, and competitive industries!



  • $10,000 First Prize – WindPax, Justin Chambers, President
  • $5,000 Second Prize – Identified Technologies, Steven Blass, CTO
  • $5,000 Third Prize – Biobent Holdings, Keith Masavage, Founder & CEO
  • $2,500 Student Award – WindPax, Justin Chambers, President
  • $10,000 ARC Technical Assistance Award – LumiShield Technologies, David Luebke, CEO
  • $10,000 WVU Research Office Technical Assistance Award – GreenHeated Glass, Frank Dlubak, Owner
  • Spilman Thomas In-kind Assistance Award – H Quest Vanguard, George Skoptsov, President & CEO
  • Arnett Foster Toothman In-kind Assistance Awards – (1) IMLI Service, John Zarroli, Co-Founder, and (2) LumiShield Technologies, David Luebke, CEO