2015 Conference Presentations  – shared with permission

Pitch Session 1:
Fairmont Brine Processing (Fairmont, WV) Brian Kalt, General Manager
PixController (Export, PA) William Powers, Founder and CEO
H Quest Vanguard (Pittsburgh, PA) George Skoptsov, CEO and President
Shale Gas Conversion/Keen Process Tech, LLC (Pinch, WV) Brian Keen, CEO
Autopods, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) Tanuj Apte, CEO

Pitch Session 2:
General_Graphene, LLC (Oak Ridge, TN) James Vig Sherrill, CEO
Multi-functional Proppants (Euclid, OH) Andrew Sherman, CEO
Sustainable Dental Products (Morgantown, WV) Madelyn Harwell, CEO
Lockhouse Network (Moon Twp, PA) Cassie Glessner, Marketing & Strategy
Embedded Gas and Temperature Sensors (Pittsburgh. PA) Paul Ohodnicki, NETL

Pitch Session 3:
Hadron Technologies, Inc. (Knoxville, TN) Stan Morrow, CTO
Mosaic Power  (Fredrick, MD) Laurie Vaudreuil, CEO
DERP Technologies (Hagerstown, MD) Rich Lank, Co-Founder/PCU Project Manager
Cathodes for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries (Morgantown, WV) Trina Wafle, Project CMO

Pitch Session 4:
LumiShield Technologies (Pittsburgh, PA) David Luebke, CEO
Maven Machines, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) Avishai Geller, CEO
Carbon Free Innovations (Athens, OH) Randall Gabriel, Project CTO – Now Resilient Power Solutions
One Oak Systems (Pittsburgh, PA) Jacob Kring,  Project Lead – Now HiberSense

Keynote Speaker Dr. Cheryl Martin, Harwich Partners, Former Deputy Director for Commercialization and Interim Director, U.S. DOE ARPA-E

The Future of Making Things
James Herzing, Industry and Product Marketing Manager, Autodesk

Pathways from Research Innovations to Start-Ups with Impact
Plastics Manufacturing – Joe Eddy, President, Eagle Manufacturing Co
Power Generation – Andrew Dorn, Managing Partner, Moundsville Power LLC
Advanced Manufacturing – Bill Peter, Interim Director, U.S. DOE ORNL Manufacturing
Demonstration Facility
Session Moderator: Joe Barron, Corporate Development Director, Mitsubishi Electric
Power Products, Inc.